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Our Story

Sensi e Diletti is Italian for senses and delights. It was born of a love of all things beautiful and delicious.  We have a deep appreciation for life’s simple pleasures--a fiery sunset, a walk in the woods, a flakey croissant--and a discerning eye (and taste) for detail.  Unabashedly, our lives revolve largely around delectable food and fine wine.  

We seek to raise the act of savoring to an art form through the practice yoga in breathtaking surroundings.  We take you on sojourns to stunning sites and show you beautiful vistas in lands less traversed.  We nourish you with authentic, mouth-watering cuisine and wine.  Sarah and Stefano are Sensi e Diletti and will be your expert escorts through Northern Italy, immersing you in ‘La Dolce Vita.’

About Sarah

Sarah is a Boston-based yoga instructor who has been teaching and leading retreats, both locally and internationally, for the past twelve years.  She has a passion for gastronomy.  As such, she also dedicates some of her time to teaching culinary classes and catering as a whole-foods chef.  For Sarah, yoga and food go hand in hand.  As a provider of both, she promotes her belief of conscious consumption--that good food and good wine should be celebrated and savored; and that yoga is a vehicle for heightening one’s senses and, thusly, developing a keener palate. 

About Stefano

Stefano is a native of Verona, Italy.  Wine and food are his passions.  In 2013 he left his job in banking and his beloved Verona to begin a career in wine and currently works as a fine wine consultant in Boston.  He is a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers and his own studies are never ending.  For Stefano, it isn’t just the taste of the wine that holds his intrigue, it is the history, the geography, the geology--every aspect of the grape growing and wine making process.  He is proficiently bilingual but Italian is his mother tongue, which makes for really charming accent.

Beauty awakens the soul to act. -Dante Alighieri